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    Week 2
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    Week 4
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싱크로 코인(SYC)토큰의 가격에 대해서
Total Raised
90,546 USD / 338 ETH
  • 1,500 ETH
  • 3,000 ETH
* Including presale
* There is no minimum or maximum
  • Tokens distribute
    during crowdsale
  • SynchroLife Pool(Rewards)
  • SynchroLife business
  • Team,advisors,
    and partners
  • Early Investors
  • Bounty
Use of Funds
  • Development & UI/UX
  • Marketing
  • Management

Regarding the Price of the SynchroCoin Token

The SynchroCoin token crowdsale began September 22, 2017 at 15:00 GMT and will continue for four weeks.
During this crowdsale, 55,000,000 SynchroCoin tokens will be distributed as follows.

The SynchroLife token crowdsale does not have a preset price for the value of one SynchroCoin (SYC) token. The total sold 55,000,000 SynchroCoin tokens will be distributed amongst token crowdsale participants based on the amount of ETH each individual participant contributed during the token crowdsale (including any relevant bonuses) and the total amount raised during the crowdsale.

Number of SYC Tokens distributed to a participant

a = Total ETH contributed by a participant during the token crowdsale

c = Total ETH contributed by all participants during the token crowdsale


  • Step 1. 60 SYC are issued to be sold during the token crowdsale.
  • Step 2. During the token crowdsale, Laura contributes 5 ETH, and Kim contributes 1 ETH.
  • Step 3. During this 60 SYC token crowdsale, a total of 6 ETH was raised. The value of 1 SYC is now 0.1 ETH (6 ETH/60 SYC). 1 SYC is distributed per 0.1 ETH contribution.
    In this case, Laura receives 50 SYC (5/0.1) for her 5 ETH contribution and Kim receives 10 SYC (1/0.1) for her 1 ETH contribution.
    * Any bonuses will be calculated and added to the contribution amount during Step 2

A restaurant
recommendation platform
connecting users and
restaurants through tokens.


100,000 이상
155 개국
160,000건 이상
32,000명 이상
Active Users
750,000 건 이상
Store Information
375,000 장 이상
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SynchroLife's business model connects diners and restaurants with the SynchroCoin (SYC) to build a token-based economy beneficial to everyone involved.

Token-Based Economy


Learn More About SynchroLife's Business Model

SynchroLife Overview > Read our white paper  >


Road Map
August – September 2017
SynchroCoin Crowdsale
July – September 2018
“Participating Restaurant” services released.
A new mobile app and website just for
restaurant managers, including:
- Ability to create and publish digital
coupons and gift cards
- Ability to mark when users come to their
- Ability to buy SynchroCoin tokens
- Ability to offer bonus SynchroCoin tokens as rewards
February – April 2019
Release cryptocurrency payment service for
participating restaurants, including:
- Ability to exchange cryptocurrenies
- Ability for restaurants to process payments in the
participating restaurant app
February – April 2018
Release of the decentralized restaurant
recommendation platform. Including:
- SynchroCoin token usability within the app
- Synchro Wallet within the app (available to
hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, and SynchroCoin)
- The start of a monthly subscription based
premium membership service
December 2018 – February 2019
Release full customer relation
management (CRM) tool suite for
participating restaurants
April – May 2019
Release of the “Synchro” debit
card (allowing users to make
purchases with Bitcoin, Ethereum,
or SynchroCoin).


SynchroLife is currently holding a token crowdsale for the Ethereum based "SynchroCoin" (SYC). Read our white paper and join the crowdsale today

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